Sechel PR is an innovative and creative entertainment publicity firm based in Los Angeles and New York City. 


Sechel Public Relations was founded by Samantha Srinivasan in 2014.

Sam is a creative woman who slid into Entertainment PR industry from out of left field aka the sofa in her living room. A lone wolf comedy nerd who hustled without any connections to the industry was able to create this company (and this website in which now you are reading today). Lucky you.

The real mission of this company is to have women of all ages and background represented, whose experiences within the industry are respected, supported, and appreciated. Which in turn, offers our clients the young person’s pace, and the older person’s calm and confidence.

Made up of an all-women strategy team, Sechel PR specializes in cultivating seamless relationships between our clients and media outlets. Having built numerous solid relationships with our clients, we gained credibility to be the firm of choice for many notable individuals and brands in the entertainment industry. 


"Sechel" is the driving force behind the group of women working at Sechel PR and the heart of our team. These women are communications specialists who work in fluidity with each other in order to put their best foot forward to reach the goals of our clients as they relate to representation, media relations, and brand/digital marketing.

Samantha Srinivasan
Founder / CEO

West Coast Team

Jenni Runyan

Barbara Roy 

Melissa Sahagian

Shamara Carney

East Coast Team

Stefani Roberts

Brittany Peterson